The Most Popular Girl in School (single)

by Toehider

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The lead single from Toehider's debut album "To Hide Her." Includes free karoake and a capella versions!


released September 3, 2011



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Bird's Robe Records Sydney, Australia

An independent label promoting innovative music - art rock, progressive, experimental, electronic, post, ambient, avant garde and otherwise expressive music.

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Track Name: The Most Popular Girl in School (karoake version)

She said “excuse me” and then proceeded to bump into my chest.

I said “which way are you going?” and as I did so I lightly brushed my hand on her boob (oh my god!)

Then it was over, no four leaf clover could provide enough luck

I turned around but she’d gone, and on a desk in my form her boyfriend wrote “I’d recommend you keep your eyes and your mind off my property.”


Totally wish I had more balls than that.

I’ve tried to forget it, but it just keeps coming back

Totally useless at reading her signs

I’ve re-lived that moment a million times.

Total cliche time - "I wish I could die"

Tragic and tristful, and terribly tongue-tied.

Totally blew my chances with the most popular girl in school.


“He’s so mysterious, it’s like he doesn’t care to play these dumb games.

He’s in a world of his own, and at recess he goes to play his metal pointy loud guitar.

And Brad’s an idiot, he makes me do stuff that I don’t wanna do.

Besides, this new kid is cool, he stammers hard like a fool,

And sweats so bad, like he’s in an ocean of infatuation…”


“Sick of my group that I don't even like

Maggot on Breezers and high as a kite

Keep up appearances, a constant display

Greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray

Totally smart, bet he thinks I’m so dumb

The party’s this weekend, he probably won’t come

Totally wish I was more than just the most popular girl in school.”


Later at the party, she got wasted and she went home with a loser.

He could have most anyone, so why’s he have to be a jerk and choose her?

“Saw him in the corner, he’s not talking, he’s just looking round, he’s SO weird (it's like he is a million km's from here)

What the hell’s his problem, he should leave if he thinks he’s too good to be here!”


Now she looks caustic, some backwards logic tells her I’m an asshole?

It’s not my fault, I just don’t like to talk, with so much to hear...


“Totally awkward, vacant and gone…”

Shallow and airheaded, talks like a moron

“Highbrow elitist, god he's such a dick!”

Think I'll just stick with the library chicks

“What was i thinking? Freaks stick with their kind.”

Shes so misguided, but she can think what she likes

Totally won't waste my time again on the most popular girl

The most popular girl

The most popular girl in school